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Art Therapy Groups

Art Beat Consulting facilitates Art Therapy groups for both children and adults as a means of providing mutual support for people with similar needs. Group members can learn from feedback, practice social learning and try new roles in a safe environment. 

Groups have a membership of up to 10 participants, to ensure that members can maintain visual and verbal contact with others, group cohesiveness can be achieved, and there is opportunity for each person to have an adequate share of time in discussion. 

Groups can be especially useful for people wanting to overcome interpersonal communication challenges, or to enhance opportunities for socialization and community participation.

Art Beat Consulting offers,


1.  Closed Art Therapy groups (meaning no one new can join once the group has begun), where participants make a commitment to come regularly, to uphold each others' confidentiality and to address and explore specific goals through art-making and verbal sharing. All art work is kept within the group and remains confidential until the end of therapy.

2. Open ended Art Therapy groups which will be available on a consistent basis but welcome new members 


If you, or your agency, workplace or school, would like to create an open or closed Art Therapy group, please contact us to discuss your needs. 

Information on upcoming open groups  COMING SOON!

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