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About Us

Art Beat Consulting offers a unique mental health and wellness experience by facilitating workshops, groups and psychotherapy services (through Art Therapy) with the ultimate goal of Achieving Breakthrough Creatively. We strive to make Art Therapy more accessible in Trinidad & Tobago, both for those interested in one-on-one therapeutic support, as well as for the growing number of people interested in using art and the creative process as a viable tool for overall stress relief and wellness. 

Art Beat Consulting offers creative opportunities for both children and adults to learn about topics, tools, and interventions that will help them to work through challenges in order to establish effective and positive practices to flourish in their personal and professional lives. 

All of Art Beat Consulting's services are facilitated by a Board Certified Art Therapist, trained at the masters level in both art and psychotherapy. Our therapist is knowledgable about human development and psychological theories, clinical practice, multicultural an artistic traditions, and the healing potential of art. The services that we provide are delivered with the utmost care and professionalism. 


Kristy Anatol, MA ATR-BC

Art Therapist


Kristy graduated with an MA in Art Therapy from New York University in 2013. While attending school in New York, she interned for one year at a homeless shelter, providing art therapy groups for men with mental illness and chemical addictions. Kristy then went on to work at a housing settlement, and was able to implement an art therapy program in the early childhood school system, providing group and individual therapy for at risk children with cognitive and social-behavioural difficulties. During this time, Kristy also worked as part of a student-run team to provide support through art therapy for families affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Shortly after graduating, Kristy returned home to Trinidad and Tobago with the intention of providing therapy for those in need, as well as advocating for the use of creative arts as an effective form of therapy. While she enjoys using art with all populations, she especially loves working with young children, as she believes that they experience life and emotion in the purest form. Kristy currently treats children and families confronted with diagnoses including autism spectrum disorders, developmental and cognitive delays, and ADD/ADHD, as well as behavioural and emotional regulation difficulties, trauma history, bereavement, anxiety, and other emotional challenges. Kristy is currently a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist with the Art Therapy Credentials Board (US), a member of the American Art Therapy Association, and is the President of the Art Therapy Association of Trinidad & Tobago.

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